July 21, 2007






Watch, speak and think.

I will meet many people in many places. I will watch many things and then think. I will write on what I experience and will make new things to be happened.

I have done many stupid things and done wrong. But sometime, I succeeded. The different point of view and the different way of thinking makes everything more interesting. I think this way of thinking helped me a lot when I communicate with others.

Watching is thinking. Making a mistake makes people to think more. You might compare yourself with others and find the difference. If the other thinks different from your own expectation, you might think "why does this difference appear?" If you think things deep enough, then you will get the next question and keep thinking on coming up questions. But nowadays, it seems many people are misunderstanding that knowing is thinking, actually it is not.

You will pass exams at school, if you know enough. But important things are how you see things and how you build up your own idea. Now it is difficult to think and see things by your own point of view. I am now surrounded by one-sided social sense of value and the air that contains environmental hormone, but I still never give up on thinking.

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